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Smart water monitoring

For a future with less leaks


Monitoring correctly is useful for household and industrial water consumption. It can :- Prevail and avoid wasteful leaks.- Reduce energy used for.- Improve billing accuracy. - Reduce dispute.

Why using smart water meter ?

Monitoring needs four elements : - Real time water monitoring dashboard.- Water Meters.- smart water hub.- Shut Off Valve for water leak protection.We shall see in more details the elements.

The elements.

Monitor all your properties water usage and cost in real-time.Receive instant alerts from the monitoring center (water hub) to any related-water issues.

Real time water monitoring dashboard.

Can use communicating technology like Mbus, Wifi and more.

Measure flow characteristics with static sensors.

Water meters from 15mm to 610mm for both cold and hot water consumption.

Water meter.

The Hub is where all the of the flow data of the water meter goes.

Then it broadcast the data on the monitoring dashboard.

Smart water HUB.

The principle of leak detection is based on a real time analysis of water flow and its stability in time. If the measured duration exceeds predefined values, the valve shuts off.

Shut Off Valve-water leak protection.

The water meters are deployed throughout the water distribution system to collect data on the flow.Then they sent the data collected to the hub. And then the hub expose the data on the water monitoring dashboard.If there an issue with the measured duration exceeds predefined values, the valve shuts off.


Daily volume limitation :- Program a maximal volume for the day. Calculated by the number of person living or working in the building.- Rationing of water for social context (drought) or industrial use.
Water circuit breaker :- Leak detection. Small consomation, the water is cut off when there is a constant flow, even during a period where is no use water.- Pipe rupture. High consommation, the water is cut off in seconds.

The water meter can be used with different parameters.

How does it work ?

Periodic closure :- Time slot of water closure, can be programmed in the water dashboard.- Automatic closure in abscence of consumption. Exemple if there is no human presence on the site, the valve shut off to avoid useless flow.

How does it work ? Part 2

The Town Centrer was concerned about high water usage and while they had already installed smart water meters, they had no real-time alerts to spikes in water usage. The maintenance and facilities teams still had to check water meter readings manually which was slow, inefficient and an additional cost to the business.
The problem :
Presentation :
Dundrum Town Center is part of the Hammerson Group. The centre is located in Dublin, Ireland. It is Ireland's largest retail center.

Case of study : Dundrum town center.

After the system was upgraded, they now have real-time access to water usage and costs in the center. Just last week they received an alert at 5 am. The security team found a serious leak that was going straight to the drain.Without the upgraded system, it may have been a couple of days before the leak was discovered. Thiswater issue was flowing at 12,000 liters/hour. This could have wasted 105 million liters of water per year and cost €262,000 in annualwater charges if left unresolved.
Outcome :

Case of study : Dundrum town center part 2.

The end

Smart flow :https://www.smartflowmonitoring.com/water-technology/Switch flow :https://uasevent.hautsdefrance.cci.fr/rst/wp-content/uploads/sites/111/2017/02/fichesProduits-Hydrelis.pdfDundrum Town center :https://www.mysmartflow.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/SMART-FLOW-Dundrum-Town-Centre-case-study.pdf

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The end

Smart flow :https://www.smartflowmonitoring.com/water-technology/Switch flow :https://uasevent.hautsdefrance.cci.fr/rst/wp-content/uploads/sites/111/2017/02/fichesProduits-Hydrelis.pdfDundrum Town center :https://www.mysmartflow.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/SMART-FLOW-Dundrum-Town-Centre-case-study.pdf

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