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Reflection Events

Core British Values

For next weeks task

Review your event evaluation - from the useful tips how well did you do.

Useful tips

Reflection practise


Why is reflection important?


STOP STARTCONTINUEDo this for yourself and then do for someone else in the room, you choose.

Start task:

Session 1

Look at each of these posters and extract the information that you feel is important to reflection - discuss as a group. Now you have discussed and agreed which ones are the most important - create your own poster and then share on the teams channel/Events/conversation (not file) Make sure you use images to connect to your writing.

Why is reflection important?

Lets give it a go - think of 1 of your last assignments (Not event work) you did and apply this cycle to how you did. I will set an assignment up for you to load your reflection on.

Take a look at this - some of you will need to be able to know how to reflect correctly for UNI

Reflect on your event evaluations - based on the tips, was yours a good or poor critical reflection - show examples each section. Upload your work in the reflection assignment area I have set for you.

In your proposal teams

Create a professional template for you to use for reflection/evaluation. Connected to events. You can work with your proposal partner.

For Next week.

THANKS Now spend sometime on your new proposals. Lets set a new panel date.

What do we need to include and why?


Write down 5 key things (per proposal group) that should be included in your next proposals. Hand these in. You will now as a group act out these key elements and the group will need to try and guess what they are.


In your proposal teams - ensure that you have got the key things mentioned from your game, in your proposal plans.

Lets record our discussion,

Lets discuss why these things are important.

THANKS Now spend sometime on your new proposals. Lets set a new panel date. New panel date 28th March 24

FinancesSession 3

Financeswhat went wrong in your last proposal? lets discuss.

Creating a basic budget plan for an event involves identifying all potential expenses and estimating their costs. Here's a simplified example of a budget plan for an event: Venue Rental: Estimate the cost of renting the venue for the duration of the event. Equipment Rental: Include expenses for renting audio-visual equipment, lighting, sound systems, projectors, etc., if needed. Decorations: Estimate the cost of decorations such as flowers, tablecloths, centerpieces, banners, and signage.Catering: Calculate the cost of food and beverages per person or per serving. This may include appetisers, main course, desserts, and drinks. Staffing: Include expenses for event staff such as security personnel, ushers, waitstaff, and technical support. Entertainment: Estimate costs associated with hiring performers, musicians, speakers, or any other form of entertainment. Promotion and Marketing: Allocate funds for advertising, printing flyers or posters, creating online advertisements, and other promotional activities. Transportation and Parking: If applicable, budget for transportation costs for attendees or guests, as well as any parking fees. Insurance: Include the cost of event insurance to cover any potential liabilities or accidents. Permits and Licenses: Budget for any permits or licenses required to host the event, such as alcohol permits or special event permits.Miscellaneous Expenses: Set aside a portion of the budget for unforeseen expenses or miscellaneous items that may arise during the planning process. Contingency Fund: Allocate a percentage of the budget (e.g., 10%) as a contingency fund to cover unexpected costs or emergencies. Once you've estimated the costs for each category, total them up to determine the overall budget for the event. It's essential to regularly review and track expenses throughout the planning process to ensure you stay within budget. Additionally, consider negotiating prices with vendors and suppliers to minimise costs wherever possible.