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Giordano’s painting Capture of a stronghold shows the chaos and violence of war, with a central figure on horseback that is perfectly different from the rest who seems to be the victorious leader, surrounded by soldiers, horses, and weapons.

The technique of these paintings is very characteristic of the final period of his Spanish stay, with a quick and direct execution, on a brown or reddish base, broken by luminous, bright colors (white, blue, yellow, red), in figures or areas, that aims to highlights. Preparation plays a very important role in the execution of the painting, worked from within towards the surface, from dark to light.

The technique used is oil and the support is canvas.

The close-ups appear more elaborate, precisely contouring the profiles to highlight lights and volumes. The shots that follow one another to the bottom of the composition are more and more sketched and are worked with less material, revealing the preparation to a greater extent.

His execution in this work resembles a sketch of great proportions. In fact, his numerous regrets show a direct, almost hasty approach, the only previous study of which could have been the drawing in London.

The artistic style of the work is Baroque, as Luca Giordano was a master of the late Baroque, known for his ability to depict dramatic and dynamic scenes with a vibrant color palette and exuberant style.

Dimensions: Height: 235cm Width: 343cm

The narrative element in the painting is the kneeling figure who points to the fortress in the background, indicating his defeat and surrender.

The clothing of the characters suggests that Giordano may have consulted period portraits or books.

Giordano’s technique in this work is very characteristic of his final period in Spain, distinguished by a rapid and direct touch.

The composition captures the intensity of battle and victory. It shows Giordano’s skill in creating dynamic compositions, vivid colors, and dramatic effects of light and shadow.