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statistics: The speaker is showing different numbers of people who died because of handguns, showing how America had the highest amount of deaths. Since America is the outlier in these records of deaths from handguns, the speaker is trying to tell people to regulate handgun use and to be careful. America's alarmingly high numbers of gun deaths will hopefully encourage ore people to stop owning guns.

problem/solution: The PSA establishes the problem as gun violence, so the solution is regulating gun use/stop violence due to guns. This furthers the purpose of the PSA, which is the same as the solution, and by saying "Before it stops you," it also creates a sense of urgency- it is logical that people want to live, so setting this sense of exigence makes this problem seem more important.

expert opinion: The speaker behind this PSA is from the Write Handgun Co. at Washington D.C., so one can infer that the speaker works a lot with federal gun usage laws and statistics. Since they are an expert, more people will believe and follow the things that they say.

image: The image of a handgun in the colors of the American flag show that gun violence is a major problem in only the United States. This creates a sense of nationalism, to stop this national problem, for a lot of patriotic people, letting a lot of those people disagree with gun use because it is giving their country a bad name.