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ESGTA, AAA, BlockGAIN.exchange are inviting You to join our NGO offerings free or with Donation. Improve yourself, your life & lifestyle with real perpetually sustainable solutions that end inadequacies for rich and poor.



ready to improve Things?

the solution

the problem

70% to 95% of every dollar you donate to Corp NGO's & NP's gets spent on OpEx; with only 5% to 30% going to your giving cause.

75 to 90%

On BlockGAIN.exchange goes to your giving cause; while only 10% to 25% of every dollar donated is covering OpEx of our Memberships (Leadership) Acquiring, Developing, Maintaining. With 0 to 15% our ESGTA Admin OpEx Supporting your needs. That means, our "Ordinary" NGO with decentralized membership, as leadership, are doing "Extraordinary" things to End Inadequacies for all; including as many disadvantaged kids as we are able to help. All while at the same time benefiting all our members, inverting the Pyramid; IMPROVING THINGS WITH GAME CHANGING RESULTS. That's by grand EQUITISM design.


Improve things


  • Health & Wellness (w/o this what Matters?)
  • Wealth & Happiness (w/o this what Happens?)
  • Dating & Traveling (w/o this what's Exciting?)
  • Loving & Marriage (w/o this what's Learning?)
  • Family & Opportunities (w/o this what's Purpose?)
ACHIEVINGYour Ontological & PhysiologicalPeak Performing SelfHappens Here As YOUhelp " Improve Things."w/o=without.

discovering improving thingsis purpose of life.

The purpose of life is to: EXPLORE Amazing Places EXPERIENCE Life & Living LEARN Truth & Facts; so you THRIVE In All Opportunities. Not just barely survive here.

The Meaning of Life is to Discover You Are Destined To BecomeA Joint-Heir and Inherit all thingsYour Father, Mother and others; including the Great Creator Hath Made Possible For You.

BlockGAIN.exchange A world-wide facilitating platform and community of loving livng people, places and things ready, willing, able to assit you every step on your path in life's journey unfettered and free; never enslaved; achieving your AIMS.

The Meaning of Life is a veryDifferent Thing to Discover.Your choices alone determines if you will or will not discover it.


A new civil society and social structure for perpetual sustainability.Improving All Things at the speed of you, your abilities, talents & skills.

It Starts with EQUAL PAY ALL WORK;It Ends Inadequacies too; beautifully.

Exclusively yet inclusively on: BlockGAIN.exchange

HOW it works is easy.Just choose the primary energy source inspiring, motivating, revealing & empowering you. (+) or (-)

(+) Positive is Unconditional Love(-) Negative is Conditional Love

Both are needed and must be cooperating to create anything at all; even more light.Neither is the "Enemy". That's deception.

gods = guiding our divinitya.k.a. Guardian Angels, NotAll Knowing, Omniscient,Omnipresent. Perfectly Imperfect & DeceivingLimited=OK.

One is called the road less traveled while the other is called the road most travel. Hence why some believe Earth is not yet Heaven

Step 1: Choose your energy

(+) Pos

LOVE Unconditionally Given and Received. Abundance Minded Thinking. Applying tools like Faith, Hope, Charity and Forgiveness to progress.

GOD = Guiding Our Divinitya.k.a. Allah, Alpha, Omega,All Knowing, Omniscient,Omnipresent. Perfect.Truth & FactsLimitless=Good.

(-) Neg

What LOVE energy source is your primary choice to be receiving Inspiration, Motivation, Revelation. Education, Empowering you and shaping your attitudes and persepctives?

Both are needed to create anything; all things, Hence, the Truth & Fact, there needs must be opposition in all things. Whom do you want to be a Joint-Heir with in loving yourself, while serving others?


LOVE Conditionally Given and Received. Scarcity Minded Thinking. Applying tools like Fear, Shame, Force and Forgetfulness to progress.

Your passport, GAINs you access to our exclusive yet inclusive private lands, islands & IP. Always Home No Matter Where You Roam!

Step 2: Choose your passport


Tier: Type: Rewards:Freshman ALR/DLR 10%Sophomore ALR/DLR 12%Junior ALR/DLR 15%Senior ALR/DLR 18%

ALR = Annual Loving RedeemerDLR=Decade Lo ving Redeemer


Tier: Type: Rewards:International ALR/DLR 25%Meaning you receive $200K up to $500K USD for each Decade Loving Redeemer you invite Joining / Donating at Gold Tier.

ALR = Annual Loving RedeemerDLR=Decade Lo ving Redeemer


Tier: Type: Rewards:Recreational ALR/DLR 20%Private Jet ALR/DLR 22%Celebrity ALR/DLR 23%Commercial ALR/DLR 24%

ALR = Annual Loving RedeemerDLR=Decade Lo ving Redeemer

Step 3: donate to gain more.

These are the Truth & Facts about the numbers. Know your OpEx Opportunity, then choose where to start your membership by way of ALR or DLR Donation (DI=Donor In) received. Your Rewards for being a Loving Redeemer are clearly listed below in "OpEx Opportunity" and renew as members do for perpetual sustainability.ESGTA = Energy (of You) Sovereign Governed Travel Authority. DLR's can become Co-Owners of community Assets.

What ALR's & DLR's GAIN?

NGO Coins

75% of your Donation is exchanged to GAIN our NGO Coins. Our NGO Coin is backed by Assets Increasing in FMV.


Bronze - Tiers 2-5Silver - Tiers 6-9Gold - Tier 10 (Top Tier).

B= Coins

10,000 for ALR's / 1 year.1,000,000 for DLR's / 10 years.EQUAL PAY ALL WORK / 4 hrs a day


DLR's can exchange NGO Coins for EFT's (Equity Fractional Title) Interest. Co-Ownership. SWF Assets you choose.


10-25% of all Part 1Member Donations Youas ALR's & DLR's Recruit.

Your Life & lifestyle increasing opportunities.


ACQUIRE your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or more Dream Tiny Home, Villa or Luxury Home that can be co-owned & enjoyed by others when you're not living, working, playing here.


DEVELOP your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or more Dream Vacation Life & Lifestyle Resort, for Diving, Equestrian, Golf, Racing, Surfing in Live, Work, Play Vacation places any time of year.


MAINTAIN your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or more luxury property or skyscraper stress and worry free. ESGTA will manage, covering labor costs with B=Coins.ACHIEVE your Peak Performing Self.

Next steps

Join anytime during our Pre-Official Launch. ALR's Donate 100%. DLR's can join with only 25% down, received on our BlockGAIN.exchange. 100 million members our AIM to official launch. DLR's GAIN 90 Days to choose their EFT Assets. Pick and choose your Lands, Islands & IP to be co-owned before the balance of your 75% remaining Member Donations due.Acquire, Develop, Maintain your luxury 3, 4 or 5 Star Dream Home, VIlla, Resort or Skyscraper (live, work, play, vacation destination) heavenly places.


Share our Opportunity


Secure Assets & Benefits


Your Giving Pools & Community

Have Fun

Communicating & Learning

Fly High

Explore, Experience, Learn & Thrive

Q&A: Hello@BlockGAIN.exchange

Thank you for being you

nothing is impossible


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Usa este espacio para añadir una interactividad genial. Incluye texto, imágenes, vídeos, tablas, PDFs… ¡incluso preguntas interactivas!Tip premium: Obten información de cómo interacciona tu audiencia:

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