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Digital Strategy Evaluation Tool

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Evaluation Overview

  • In the online room booking website, there are map and other filters to find the aim hotel service. But the detail service is not very clear. (3/5)
  • There are some online windows that could add comment for customers’ special request of product. (3/5)
  • Hilton provided the digital room key based on its app. (4/5)
  • Hilton provided a new filter service on its app that help customers to search their aim services. (4/5)

Reference:Hilton, H. (2024) Online Room Booking, Hotels by Hilton - book the best rates across all brands. Available at: https://www.hilton.com/en/ (Accessed: 19 February 2024). Hilton, H. (2023) Hilton 2023 trends report, Powered by Ceros. Available at: https://view.ceros.com/hilton/hilton-2023-trends-report/p/16 (Accessed: 16 February 2024).

  • Hilton has implemented AI, machine learning (ML), and advanced analytics in the form of AI-powered customer service, chatbot messaging, and data analytics to provide personalized guest experience. (4/5)
  • There are limited data shows that Hilton has a clear senior leader for digital transformation. Seems their digital transformation part is responded by its executive vice president and chief commercial officer, Chris Silcock. (2/5)
  • Hilton’s business mode includes the direct booking part which encourages customers to book directly through its website or mobile app to ensure the best rates and offers. (4/5)
  • Hilton has its own digital transformation group that engage to develop new digital technologies such as digital key. (4/5)

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  • Hilton provided its app (Hilton Honors) as a digital platform for customers to interact with the organization. This app contains most services that a consumer need during the process of product. (4/5)
  • There are limited channels in the app for Hilton understanding and analyzing the individual customer’s need except the service feedback after staying. (2/5)
  • Hilton almost provides no information and clues about how to utilize customers’ data. (1/5)
  • Customers now could only type their specific demand on the “specific need” box during the online booking in the app but no other channels online. (2/5)

Reference:Honor, H. (2024) See what travelers are saying, Hilton Honors App with Contactless Check-In - Download Today. Available at: https://www.hilton.com/en/p/hilton-honors-mobile-app/ (Accessed: 19 February 2024).

  • Hilton imported electrical vehicle charging service via its honor app as one of innovation. (4/5)
  • Hilton is one of the most successful digital transformed company in Hotel industry. (4/5)
  • Customers could check a lot of room style and hotel special in their aim trip area through the app and official website. (4/5)
  • Hilton invented the digital room key as one of the evolutional improvements. (4/5)

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