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If yes, explore the supplementary S-DASH questions to obtain more information.

If no, continue to monitor. Risk fluctuates and circumstances can change quickly.

8. Does (…..) constantly text, call, contact, follow, stalk or harass you?

If you use the DASH (Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Honour Based Abuse and Harassment) risk assessment in your practice, consider question 8 in more depth.


S-DASH Questions

11. Is the abuser(s) known to have been violent in the past? (Physical or psychological. Intelligence or reported)

10. Is the abuser(s) known to be abusing drugs and/or alcohol?

9. Has the abuser(s) persuaded other people to help him/her? (Wittingly or unwittingly)

8. Has the abuser(s) acted out violently towards people within the current stalking incidents?

7. Has the abuser(s) harassed any third party since the harassment began? (e.g. friends, family, children, etc.)

6. Has the abuser(s) made any threats of physical or sexual violence in the current harassment incidents?

5. Has the abuser(s) loitered around the victim’s home, workplace etc.?

4. Does the abuser(s) visit the victim at work, home, etc. more than 3 times per week?

3. Has the abuser(s) ever destroyed or vandalised the victim’s property?

2. Has the abuser(s) engaged in harassment on previous occasions(s)? (This victim and/or other victims)

1. Is the victim very frightened?

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