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presentation olympics games Paris 2024

  1. the olympic games will take place in paris this summer
  2. it is an event which aims to bring together all the nations of the world in a high level sporting event
  3. this year's objective for Paris is to organize the most ecological Olympic Games ever organized

Event where the rider and his horse will have to complete a compulsory course with moving obstacles. The goal is to achieve the best time by dropping as few bars as possible

Event where the rider and his horse will have a long course made up of passages in water and fixed obstacles. This event will take place in the park of the Versailles castle

Test where the rider and his horse must present a set of compulsory figures. It will take place in a sand quarry


Dressage test


horse trials at the olympics games

Sand bridge

Underground work for watering

Subirrigation watering

Sand quarries

Put back earth

Earth work

Ecological impact of this event

Fiber Quarry

A fibre quarry does not require as much water in the summer as a sand quarry

Fiber Quarry

The federation said the Longchamp site would have been better as it is dedicated to moving horses and they could have kept the infrastructure for new international competitions

Eco-friendly materials

The use of responsible ECHO materials such as pine bark fences will significantly reduce the environmental impact