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Customer profile

Value map

The Value Proposition Canvas

Take some time to reflect on the value you wish to create for your customers.Starting with the 'Customer profile' side of the canvas, we suggest you refer back to the Bain & Co pyramid of value for suggestions.

Pyramid of value

Your value proposition

Pyramid of value

Here, list the 'pain points' your customer has. Perhaps they encounter these when doing their 'jobs to be done'? Referring to the Bain & co pyramid of values, these pain points are likely to be in the middle portion of the pyramid.

Customer pains

  • Newness
  • Performance
  • Customisation
  • Getting the job done
  • Design
  • Brand/status
  • Cost reduction
  • Accessibility

Specify how your product or service differs from existing similar ones. For example, the value created may be unique in terms of:

This is where you can list what your enterprise actually offers customers.This segment should mirror what you have in 'jobs to be done'. Be as specific as possible about how your products or services will help your customers get their jobs done.

Products and services

Pyramid of value

Here, list what your customer wishes to gain. Referring to the Bain & Co pyramid, the customer gains are likely to be found in the top half of the pyramid. Remember, what your paying customer gains may not be the same as what your beneficiary gains.

Customer gains

Pyramid of value

Here, list what your customers need to get done.Referring to the Bain and Co. pyramid of values, we can think of these as the functional elements in the bottom two rows.

Customer jobs to be done

Your gain creators should mirror the gains you list in 'customer gains'.How will your product or service create those gains for your paying customer?

Gain creators

List the ways your product or service will help the customer releive their pain.Remember these pains may not be related to the social problem your venture seeks to address. If you are operating a cross-subsidy or employment affirmative model they will probably be different.

Pain relievers