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Victorian Inventors and their Inventions


The inventors and theirs inventions

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Alexender Graham- Dates(1947-1922)He invented the telephone

Thomas Edison- Dates(1847-1931)He invented the Electric lighting

Charles Pearson- Dates(1793-1862)He invented the plans of the Underground Railways

Etienne Lenoir- Dates(1822-1900)He invented the Steam Engine

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The steam engine Etienne Lenoir is a heat engine in which the combustion of a fuel in a combustion chamber that is an integral part of the working fluid flow circuit. In an internal combustion engine. Before it we can't do steam engine like train.

Etienne Lenoir

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Alexender Graham

The telephone The Inventor : Alexander GrahamBefore the telephone we had to send letter, the first telecommunication wires were installed via submarine cable in 1852, allowing the first electronic message to cross the Atlantic between Queen Victoria and the American president, James Buchanan, on 16 July 1858

Thomas Edison

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Electric lighting The inventor: Thomas Edison Before electric lighting comes we use gaz,qaz was not ideal then he create hazardous fumes and explosion, the electric lighting is more lighting. Thomas Edison born the 11 February the 1847 at Milan in Ohio.

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The underground railway The underground railway we had to ride on a horse it was long but after the railway we can go very fast but we had to follow the rail with the train so we can't go all as you wan't.

Charles Pearson