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By Orlan Gosselin and Eliot Viandier

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4. Hip of NAO

3. DOF & Movement of NAO

2. DOF definition

1. Biography


2) DOF Definition

Founded in 2005 by French entrepreneur Bruno Maisonnier , Aldebaran Robotics became one of the world`s leading companies trying to commercialize humanoid robotics. In April 2022, United Robotics Group, in Bochum, Germany, acquired French subsidiary SoftBank Robotics Europe, headquartered in Paris. SoftBank Robotics Europe reverted to its former name of Aldebaran.


3. DOF & Movement of NAO

Degrees of Freedom (DOF) refers to the number of basic ways a rigid object can move in 3D space.There are six degrees of freedom in total. Three are rotational movements around the x, y, and z axes, commonly referred to as pitch, yaw, and roll.The other three correspond to a movement of along these axes, which can be considered a movement forward or backward, left or right and up or down

DOF Definition

4. Hip of NAO

  • The roll keel prevents the boat from rolling
  • The boat pitched
  • The road yawed

- The robot’s degrees of freedom are 25 degrees with 25 electric motors- In aviation or navy, we speak of roll, pitch, yaw, for the different directions of the rotation vector.For exemple :

DOF & Movement of NAO


Hip of NAO

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