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Bowman's focus is crucial as he must center on timing, elevation, and precision to propel the ball through the hoop with force and accuracy


Senior Connor Bowman begins to run towards the basket as the Bearcats gain possession in their game against the Orcutt Spartans. Suddenly, the ball is hurled over and overshot as Bowman begins to chase the ball. He jumps forward and stretches out his right leg. "I jumped and my leg got stuck into the wall and my weight collapsed on my leg," Bowman said. As a result of the incident, Bowman's right fibula was torn. Before his injury, Bowman would practice ten hours a week with his team, and five hours individually. Team practices typically consist of conditioning and continually running different offensive and defensive drills. Meanwhile, he would run scrimmages and free shoot at Kennedy Club Fitness Center in his free time often. "Jayson Tatum has been the inspiration towards my love for basketball."Bowman claimed when asked what drove his appreciation for the sport. Tatum is the current power forward on the starting roster of the Boston Celtics, Bowman's favorite NBA team. Bowman plans to attend a four year university after highschool and pursue a business degree. Although he doesn't plan to continue his basketball career into college, he hopes to continue playing on his free time and improving his skills.

The Varsity Basketball Guide Featuring: CONNER BOWMAN

Bowman uses all his momentum to launch himself into the air to execute a dunk. He extends his body to full width and stretches his arms out to place the ball into the basket



Wyatt Haley and the team cheer Bowman on, stoked for the game moment, boosting the play.