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Jacquelyn Fowler
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Click on the image for 10 reasons to use TexQuest.

Forney ISD uses TexQuest to provide access to premium digital resources and is provided with the shared funding from the state legislature, via the Texas State Library and Archives Commision (TSLAC).

How to access Texquest



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There are so many databases available. Continue to the next page to see some of our favorites for each grade level.

Which database To choose?


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When in TexQuest Elementary, select the General Tab to see ALL resources

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Resources & Student Supports

You will see many of these features as you explore the databases in the remainder of this course.

  • Text to Speech
  • Vocabulary Supports
  • Accessibility Features
  • Images, Audio, and Video
  • Adjustable Reading Levels

Student Supports

EL & Dual Language Resource Guide

Learn more about the contents and key features of each database with these guides.

Elementary Resource Guide

General Resource Guide

Science Resource Guide


Your Turn:Database deep dive

You will upload your completed slides at the end of this module.

Click NEXT in the top right to see more about accommodations and then begin an interactive exploration of TexQuest.Slides are separated by grade level, so select the level that best fits your needs.

Database Deep Dive