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Go to the location - Click on the + symbol to start a task. At the end of each task you will receive a number to a padlock code. Write this down. To open the chest - go to the Library.Help: in your French book

French treasure hunt:





Treasure Map


Go to library

Go to the Hall

Go to your English room


D - slightly easier

D - slightly harder

English rooms

Go to the Hall

Go to the Hall

J'ai faim - I'm hungry!

Go to the library once you have collected all 5 numbers to open the padlock and reveal your treasure! Many thanks to parents for taking time to take part!


J'ai gagné!Your hard work has unlocked your treasure - 5 shiny house points to cross your palm.Thank your parents, say goodbye and go to Library for extension tasks

  1. pass: 13572
  2. gap: 60