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An Unusual job´s


what the worker needs to know and some interesting facts

in my opinion

work conditions

characteristics of the job (about Philip wells)

what makes the job unusual

Dog food taster


One of the 10 Weirdest Jobs in the World


Dog food taster

Taste new dog food products:

  • Bones
  • Tinned Meat
  • Biscuits
Professional dog food taster do this to test for flavor and texture in comparison to rival dog food brands and human food. This employees even smell dogs´ food products to certify that are good to this type of pets.

what makes the job unusual

"Professional tasters are trained day by day to identify flavors that dogs tend to like or reject. Although dogs' taste buds are different to the humans´, taste is an important quality to check to ensure each ingredient is perfectly balanced. Tasting the food is also a good way to capture the nuances of the cuisine. This works especially well on dry biscuits."Said by: Philip Wells, Professional Dog Food Taster

Characteristics of the job

Philip Wells is a professional Dog Food Taster that works to the Lily´s Kitchen brand. The slogan of this company is: ”Eating your own dog food”. He spent all life smelling and proving the dog´s food and he is passionate about it. He adores work with dogs and spent most of his time with them.

About Philip Wells

There are two basic types of food tasters: The first group consists of professionally educated and trained men and women who are often employed as food technicians, food scientists or product developers. The second type comprises consumers who work part-time or on an as-needed basis to taste-test products for companies.

Characteristics of the job

The employees work in food companies that have certainly very good work conditions. They always love what they are doing and receive a good wage.

Work Conditions

In my opinion, this job is a untypical and high-skilled job. Most people think that is a crazy job, but there are many employees that choose this labor.

The worker has to give a pet food´s Nutritional value, just like we have in products such as the cereals that we usually eat for breakfast

The worker passes a great part of his time eating dog Products. Because of this the employee has to have a iron stomach

The worker needs to Have a doctoral degree or a culinary degree

what the worker needs to know and some interesting facts