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Science Grade Level Meeting

Week of March 11th



Learning Department


8th grade

Learning Department:

  • 6th & 7th grade: a preview of the new courses for the 2024-25 school year
  • Please take notes, jot down questions & bring those to the vertical meeting at the end of the month to share.

  • Next week: PLCs-Meeting #4- celebrate & share student artifacts for your literacy strategy
  • March vertical meeting: back with the learning department to share your questions, concerns, and feedback
  • Link to Survey Form- State Testing

Wrap-up & Reminders

Wrap-up: Share one positive takeaway from today's time with the learning department OR how the new course can contribute to the success of our students


  • Next year's course calendar- start of the school year there will be 2 live class days (time to do a welcome session, getting to know you or SEL activity), then 2 live classes at the end of the school year, and 1 live class before Winter Break.
  • 8th grade- Unit 10 will be published soon per the LD!
  • I will be out of the office on Tuesday 3/19 for a STEELS #2 training. *7th grade PLCs- these meetings were moved to Thursday and Friday you will be doubled up with another PLC team