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Trial Lesson

At the coffee shop

Ice breaker

Let's talk!When did you last go to a coffee shop?What is your favourite drink to order in summer/winter?Do you usually drink tea or coffee in the mornings?

herbal tea

iced frappe


matcha latte

Key vocabulary

Barista - A person who works at a coffee shop and makes and serves drinksExample sentence: Amy is my favourite barista at my local coffee shop.

For here - To stay and enjoy your coffee at a table in the coffee shopExample sentence: I would like to have a large black coffee for here please.

Key vocabulary

To go - To drink your coffee outside of the coffee shop in a takeaway cupExample sentence: Can I have two to-go Iced Lattes, please?

Loyalty card - A way to track the spending of repeat customers and reward them with points.Example sentence: I always bring my loyalty card whenever I grab a coffee in the café.

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May I take your order, please? Yes. Could I have a ____, please?What flavor would you like?Vanilla, please.Would you like a pastry with that?Yes please can I have a ___?Will that be for here or to go?___ pleaseHere you are Thank you.