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What is Transactional Writing?

Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds

Texts that deal with the real world, opinions and facts are usually described as 'non fiction'. You will be required to write a piece of non fiction writing on Paper 2 on your GCSE English Language exam.

This question is worth 40 marks.

Non Fiction Writing


'Cars are convenient, comfortable and save time. However, we need to use them less by making public transport such as trains, trams and buses cheaper, more reliable and easier to access' Write a speech to be given at a meeting stating your view.


‘People have become obsessed with travelling ever further and faster. However, travel is expensive, dangerous, damaging and a foolish waste of time!’ Write an article for a news website in which you argue your point of view on this statement.



‘Our addiction to cheap clothes and fast fashion means young people in poorer countries have to work in terrible conditions to make them. We must change our attitude to buying clothes now.’ Write an article for a magazine or website.

If you're writing to persuade you should include rhetorical devices

THINK Purpose

Who am I writing this for?

THINK Audience

If you're writing an article, for example, you should include a headline

THINK Format

This will depend on your audience and purpose


Our Fact Sheet

Past exam style questions

What types of non fiction might you be asked to write?

A magazine, newspaper or online article.

A speech or a letter.

A review or a report.

YOU need to express YOUR view on the issue!

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Don't worry, it's not that scary

‘Holidays don’t need to be faraway and expensive. They just need to give people a break from everyday life and the chance to relax.’ Write an article for a magazine in which you argue your point of view on this statement.