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MBA98 Advanced Strategy


Module overview and assessment

Unit 4

Reflecting and moving forward on our strategy journey

Master class

Master class 2: My Cambidge MBA strategy journey

Unit 2

Strategic Decision-Making in Turbulent Environments

Unit 1

Advanced Strategy "Workout"

Master class

Master class 1: Start- up and scale-up strategies

Unit 3

Behavioural strategy

In this first unit we will ask you to carry out some readings and complete a quiz to check your understanding of core strategy concepts. In the live session we will give strategy a comprehensive and fun workout. We will also look at an integrative and comprehensive model of strategy analysis aimed at better understanding and structuring the essential “toolkit” of strategy.

This unit uses both a hands-on business simulation approach and bespoke case study to introduce and discuss agile decision-making theories.

In this master class session, Lord Karan Bilimoria will discuss the importance of an organisation's purpose, values, vision and mission starting from its inception as a start-up all the way through its various scaling up phases. There is required reading and a case study, "Cobra Beer: Biting Into New Markets" to complete including questions to answer around the case study ahead of attending the master class.

This unit introduces insights from psychology, sociology and behavioural economics to discuss the duties and responsibilities of strategists and CEOs in their efforts to optimise shareholder and/or stakeholder value. We will also examine the social dimensions of technology strategy and consider optimal approaches to technology strategy and leadership.

In the module overview you will find the Modulel Introduction video and the learning outcomes for the module, information about your assessment, including the submission link for your assessment, your reading list and discussion forums for the module.

In this second master class session, Jacqueline Gilbert, Group Chief Strategy Officer, the Marshall Group and co-founder, Beaudurof will be giving her view on strategy.

This unit concludes the advanced strategy module. We will also engage in a collaborative exercise and ask you to share your own reflections online and the live session will be a chance to share insights on strategy.