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Indoor spaces

Indoor spaces are where rodent populations are feeding mostly within a building or structure that is behind closed doors. Products labeled for indoor use only should not be used:

  • If rodents can move freely into the building from outdoors
  • In open barns or structures
  • In sewers


Outdoors - around buildings includes:

  • The entire building that is being treated
  • The area around the buiding that needs to be treated to deal with rodents that are moving into the building from the outside


Sewers are considered to be specialist areas.

  • Only products that say they can be applied in sewers should be used
  • The label will say "Bait must be applied in a way so that they do not come into contact with water and are not washed away"

Open spaces

Typical open spaces include:

  • Golf courses
  • Farmland
  • Outside food stores (e.g. in a field)
  • Parks
An open space is not associated with being in or around a building.

Waste dumps

Waste dumps are considered to be a specialist area.

  • Only products which state they can be used on a waste dump on the label can be used