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reviewing local coffee shops



Nano’s is a unique coffee stop in Paso. Drive in only, Nano’s is a small building on the corner of golden hill and union. Nano’s coffee beans are harvested from the owner's hometown in Villa Rica, Peru. The customer service was my favorite part, the barista was very nice and quick to make my iced vanilla latte. The iced vanilla latte was good, a little stronger on the coffee side and I would rate it a 7/10. I really recommend this experience of a drive in only, family owned coffee shop.



Compact and quiet is how I would describe Amstrdm coffee shop. Small windows open to 13th street in downtown Paso. With comfortable inside and outside seating, Amsrtdm is one of my favorite coffee shops around. They have a variety of handmade pastries to go with your choice of coffee. I got an iced vanilla latte just like spearhead, and it was solid. I would rate it an 8.5/10, it was a little more sweet than spearhead which I enjoyed.


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Joebella is a friendly modern coffee shop in Paso Robles market walk in downtown Paso On spring and 18th street. They have an assortment of pastries and fresh roasted coffee beans. The baristas were welcoming and friendly, with fast service. I got an iced vanilla latte, and it was really good. I would rate it a 9/10, it had a good mix between coffee and vanilla taste. A unique aspect of Joebella is the ability to order online and see the menu on their website which is helpful.


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The smell of roasting beans, the sound of relaxing music and calm chatter, welcomes me as I walk into the double doors of Spearhead Coffee in downtown Paso Robles. Established in 2014, Spearhead offers a variety of beverage options along with an assortment of pastries made by hand in the back. I had the pleasure of experiencing most of what Spearhead has to offer. I got a 12 oz iced vanilla latte and would rate it an 8.5/10


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