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persuading mummy and daddy to let me go on the spain trip



Why you should let me go to-

I know that the price is extremely high, but

  • I will be willing to put any birthday money (from my 13th) towards it.
  • Any other exxpensive opportunities that I dont 'NEED' or really really want to do, i will be okay with missing out on.
  • you dont have to buy me anything, and afterwards i will take you out for a meal with my money (if i have any left) :)


point 1

1. It will really help with my language skills, as i will be exposed to native spanish speakers, which will improve my listening, as well as speaking skills.


second point

2. It is a fantastic opportunity to have a fun time with my friends, before it is too late!


second point

3. We do lots of interesting things that i can share with you when i get back

second point


second point

3. Especially going with school, it will help me grow in confidence with flying, meaning next time we go on a family holiday, i might not be as worried and it will be less stressful.


second point

5. I can become friends with my spanish pen pals, and we might get free holidays!



I will get to go to 3 different cities/ towns, widening my knowledge of differet cultures

third point

Until i go (if i do ) i will do at least 3 chores ever day, and instead of giving me pocket money, you can put it towards the trip, therefore it will add up very quickly.I will be extremely well behaved (even better than right now)I wont argue, and will cook dinner every night i can if you want me too.I will also walk the dog at least 4-5 times a week.

what i will do


I know tilly only went to Wales, but then the spanish trip wasnt available. I would much rather go on the spanish trip than the wales one as the wales one is just like PGL. Also, Maisie was ment to go to Italy. If i did want to go on any other trips, or days out, i would pay for them purely out of my savings, which is very fair.

fourth point

  • prices
  • nothing else
  • Meet my pen pal
  • spend time with friends
  • learn about culture
  • share my knowledge
with you
  • get free trips?
  • Try new foods
  • build confidence
  • i will bring you back presents

fifth point

Thanks, love you lots sweetie pumpkin pies!

please take my thought into account when making your decision :)