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Trump campaign sees boost after boost because of Biden's bad week

polls in his favor !!!

-former president -republican-77years-wants to be president again

-current president-democrat-81years-wants a second mandate

-November 5th of 2024 :presidential elections of US-2 finalists of the 2020 election -> candidates again

The presidential elections:

"I'm well intentioned, I'm an old man and I know what I'm doing i have no memory problems"

-special counsel report (Robert Hur) -> to judge Biden on the management of confidential documents- no sentence but report still bad for him -> described as a distracted old man with faulty memory.-was already citiziced for his age and now for his mental acuity-thursday on television to defend himself - accumulated a lot of confusion -> Macron/Mitterand (died in 1996), Angela Merkel/Helmut Kohl(also died), president of Mexico/Egyptian head of state

Biden's bad week

"I did nothing wrong, and I cooperated far more"

-weaknesses that made Trump react-"win" for Trump -> magnified by social network and rightwing media- Biden's evidence of his own victimisation-own retention of classified documents: other special counsel prosecuting him for storing documents + making false statements-despite this, this week undoubtedly was good for Trump's campaign-but other candidates use their age against both of to make them a name (Nikky Haley)

Trump's springboard

Le Monde

The Guardian

The New York Times

Radio canada

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