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The Speaker is the dispositive that can convert electrical impulses into sounds, that is, it converts electrical energy into acoustic energy. Depending on the position in which you place the speakers you can have a different experience.

The Keyboard is one of the main tools we use to interact and enter information into the computer. Its keys contain: letters, numbers and characters. With the keys you can make combinations to create different functions than those they already have separately.

The Mouse is a device designed to move objects on the computer screen and help you interact with the computer. They have two keys and a wheel in the center to use it in different ways. On the screen it is usually interpreted as an arrow

The Computer Monitor displays the information on your computer such as photos and texts, which are seen thanks to a video card that is located inside the computer tower. If your computer has a good graphics card the quality will be much better.

The Tower, the most important part of the computer. Inside there are components that make all the other parts do their job. It is the equivalent of the computer brain. Inside, the most essential thing it has is the power supply and the motherboard.