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EUROPE is a Swedish rock band, founded in the town of Upplands VÄsby, Stockholm in 1979 by Joey Tempest and John Norum. They sounded a lot between the 80s and 90s

type of music

The type of music they made was rock, they belonged to the genre of heavy metal, hard rock, glam meyal. this type of music was widely listened to

In September Europe they were writing songs for a new album. The album The Final Countdown ended up being released. It was a worldwide hit released on May 26, 1986. Carrie also reached number 3 on the Billboard charts, being her biggest hit.

greatest hits

The band organized two very important tours in Europe and the United States in 1987, at the highest peak of their musical career. They were greatly supported by many people and are currently doing a concert on July 28 in Leipzig, Germany.

concerts and tours


They won the grammys prizes in 2018 for thr best album of heavy metal.


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