Want to make creations as awesome as this one?



Express your opinion with respect and never attacking others.

Stick to the topic and content of the task.

Do not talk about anything else. Do not stray off Relevant comments and information "My song is... by the way, do you know which exercises we have to hand in today?"

Keep basic spelling and writing rules: do not use capital letters

Before posting, check some basic rules first

Nothing is private on internet: Do not forward someonelse's photos

Do not cheat. If you use someonelse's work, use the appropiate license.

  • Be as kind as you are in person
  • Greet others: say hello, goodbye, thank you, sorry
  • At this level you can use emoticons
"Your song is impossible!" "Hello, I like your song but maybe it is a bit difficult.... Thank you for listening "

Do not gossip! Relevant content only!

When using capital letters ...you are SHOUTING You do not shout in class, please do not shout on line!

Never forward personal emails or photos without the permission of those involved in the communication. Be careful when sharing information, and never share anything about a student or a professor without their consent.

If it is not your own work, quote the source "My favourite song is Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. I have found the lyrics on this page: https://eduteach.es/songs/a-c/bon-jovi-living.html"