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Ada Lovelace was born in London in 1815, this mathematician and writer showed great talent and intelligence from a very young age. Since she couldn't go to university because she was a women, she was educated at home focused on mathematics and science. Ada was the first to realice that the capacity of simple calculations. Afer her death, the United Stated of Defense honlred her by namig her programing language Ada. The international Ada Lovelace day's is celebrated every year on the second Tuesday of October. Ada Lovelace day was founded in 2009 by Suw Charman-Anderson.


What she did?

·Described Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine. -She deduced the ability of computers to go beyond simple number calculations. He was the first person to write a program for a programmable computer. - She wrote a "plan" describing the steps that would allow him to calculate the values of Bernoulli numbers, his first program, which used two loops, demonstrating the bifurcation capacity of Babbage's machine.

what she did?

- She described how trigonometric operations involving variables could be calculated using Babbage's machine.- Suggested the use of punched cards as a method of inputting information and instructions to the analytical machine.-Introduced a notation for writing programs, mainly based on Ada's mastery of Luigi Menabrea's 1842 text (which she personally commented on, completing it with annotations that are more extensive than the text itself) on the operation of the Jacquard loom