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Chronic kidney disease.

By Lola Marín Alcaraz 3ºC

Fluid retention , causing sweling in the legs, ankles or feets.

Drowsiness and confusion. Even coma in very severe cases.

Respiratory distress and fatigue



Last but not least ...

... A little joke

There are many reasons why you can be diagnosed with this terrible disease but the 10 more common ones are: Autoimmune disorders, kidney birth defects, certain toxic chemicals, kidney injuries infection and kidney stones, problems with the arteries that supply the kidneys, some medications such as antibiotics, retrograde flow of urine into the kidneys, high blood pressure or low blood counts. In general, you should take care of yourself and go to the doctor every 2 or 3 months.

How to prevent it

Do you know what happens when Santa Claus lost one of his reindeer? That he has renal insufficiency.

Sabes que pasa cuando Papá Noel pierde a uno de sus renos? Que sufre de insuficiencia renal

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How to prevent it


All tipes of diseases are easy to prevent it and this one is not the exception. The majority are simple things that we know but we don´t care about them.

Follow a diet low in fats and sodium.

Do excercise 30 minutes at least every day.

Visit your doctor regularly.

Don´t smoke or use nicotine, tobacco...

Limit alcohol consumption.