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Mind Map

Reporting Verbs


To introduce what another person has told us. It use like this: A person told to other an the cause


Agree is used to say that someone is agree with another It use like this: He said that I was agree on that.


Suggested is use to propose some activities. Carmen suggested us to play tennis.


Refused is used to say that someone rejeject something. He rejeject to do sport.


Recommended is use to advise something that you liked to other person. Is use like this: We are going to take dinner in the restaurant that he recommended to me.


It is used to tell what someone has said but not using the exact words. It use like this: Said that and the cause


Warned is used to advise of something. Is use like this: They warned us against leaving anything valuable in the room.


Complained is used to protest of something. Is use like this: The customer complained that the soup was cold.


Persuaded is used to convince someone of something. They persuaded he to go with them to the football match


Promise is use to be certain that what is said it will be done. He promise that he will give us ten euros.


Advised is use to warn someone of something. It us like this: The goverment advised use that it will be an earthqueke.


Blamed is used to say that someone is the cause of something. It used like this: He is the blamed of the results.


Reminded is used say that someone remember something to an other. Is used like this: He reminded to me the exercices.