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A movement is considered sectarian when it meets certain criterias: antisocial behaviour, in contradiction with the country’s regulations, a difficulty for members to leave the group. The members rigorously follow a doctrine (religious, or political), led by a charismatic leader. The difficulty is that there is no universal definition.


The Peoples Temple

  • Jim Jones
  • 1954 in Indianapolis
  • exile in Guyana to avoid American dictatorship

The Peoples Temple

Jones Town:

909 people died

Titre 2

18th of November of 1978 mass-suicide:

The reasons for joining a cult and the process of indoctrination

  • personal expectation or a questioning process
  • provide answers to their quests
  • impose their vision of the world
  • language that aims to convince

Agathe Renouard's testimony

"I was under the influence of a sect for 7 years. When I was younger, I didn't fit in and the community promised to cure me"

The problem of sects' media coverage

  1. NXIVM (US)
  2. The children of god (US)
  3. People's Temple (US)
  1. People’s Temple (US)
  2. Manson family (US)
  3. Heaven’s gate (US)
  4. Branch Davidians (US)
  1. Manson Family (US)
  2. Heaven's gate (US)
  3. Aum Shinrikyo (Japan)
  4. Branch Davidians (US)
  5. The Children of god (US)
  6. The people's Temple (US)

The predominance of the United States

Shincheonji church of Jesus

  • 250 000 members
  • They were not allowed to wear masks during covid because it was disrespectful to god
  • Created in 1954 by Sun Myung Moon
  • members estimated 2-3 million
  • steal people's money
  • Want a third world war

Unification church or Moon

  • The murder of Sharon Tate by the Manson Family

When sects become famous because of celebrities

  • Scientology and Hollywood celebrities

When sects become famous because of celebrities

  • Recognition of cult and religion liberty but no definitions
  • Differentiation based on our culture or nationality

Sect or Religion?



Sect or Religion?

From the inside

From the outside

Different visions

  • Are sects controlled enough? If not, what would you advice to do?
  • Are all sects dangerous?
  • Do you think members of sects are entierly under influence or still have a part of free will
  • Do you think that if the state gave more importance to the individual they would not turn to sects?