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By: Isabella Barreto


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El contenido visual es un lenguaje transversal, universal, como la música. Somos capaces de entender imágenes de hace millones de años, incluso de otras culturas. No nos gusta aburrir. No queremos ser repetitivos. Comunicar como siempre aburre y no engancha. Lo hacemos diferente. Hacemos sabotaje al aburrimiento. Creamos lo que al cerebro le gusta consumir porque le estimula.

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¡Ojo! En Genially utilizamos AI (Awesome Interactivity) en todos nuestros diseños, para que subas de nivel con interactividad y conviertas tu contenido en algo que aporta valor y engancha.

¿Sabías que... Retenemos un 42% más de información cuando el contenido se mueve? Es quizá el recurso más efectivo para captar la atención de tu audiencia.

As the capabilities of machines are significantly higher than those of people, there are fewer chances of errors gettingor more accurate and correct results

More accurate ressults

Example:In medicine, when diagnoses are made through imaging, it includes artificial intelligence, which is able to detect things that are not normal in a person's body with a precision that surpasses human

Thanks to machine knowledge, you can predict how and when industrial maintenance should be carried out, as well as anticipate and alert certain faults before they occurImproves industrial maintenance

Improves industrial maintenance

ExampleIn the aviation industry, sensors installed on aircraft collect information on the performance and wear of key components. This information allows maintenance teams to anticipate and address potential problems.

The Artificial Intelligence makes it much easier to make the right decision, because it has a lot more information, as well as it is more organized.

Improved decision-making

ExampleArtificial Intelligence can analyze market trends, making it much easier to place the right price.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence it is possible to perform complex tasks in an easier and more effective way for the human being, just as it can carry out impossible tasks for the human being.

Carrying out complex tasks

ExampleArtificial Intelligence makes it possible to explore the ocean floor, since without it, it would be impossible for us.

Despite having a good functioning and having enough data, it still does not have enough data for it to act as effectively as possible, part of the vast majority of times the data it obtains are isolated and cannot be used effectively

Lack of data

Unfortunately, AI is expensive, requiring time, resources and money, making many companies unable to afford it and looking for cheaper and faster alternatives.

High costs

A problem of Artificial Intelligence is the loss of employment due to the use of machines, being at the same time dangerous because machines do not know what is right or wrong and this can carry out several problems

Job loss?

The machine collects and stores privacy data, and since it is vulnerable to cyberattacks, there is a risk of privacy violation, which is also difficult to control.

Privacy and security