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Cadiz in a hundred years

Erika Y Oscar







Witthin 100 years,transport in cadiz will be automatic and more modern tha what we have now,taxis will be different,buses with bathrooms,larger trains,subways in a different way ,larger planes whith two bathrooms


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The environment in Cadiz in 100 years will be super different, there will be a better environment, there won't be so much pollution or anything like that, it will be a super improved and good environment

The Environment

The quality of life will be better, open less noise, open more jobs, more apartments, houses or other types of housing, it will be a better quality of life because everything will change for the better and everything will be better and there will not be so much pollution or anything

Quality of life

Open many residential areas where you open quite a few apartments, houses, hotels and ect and everything will be of different size they will be a little bigger and in less the hotels in the rest open dining room kitchen and another dining room apart and ect

Residental areas

The job opportunities will be bigger since Cadiz has more job sites since it has improved a lot and there are more Denero, only that the requirements have changed for some positions as always you need the eso, for others the University and for others you just need to meet what they ask of you

Job opportunities

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