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Perks for compagny employees Apple: -Free concerts -Wellness center with chiroprators and dietitians -25% discount on Apple products

Perks for compagny employees Twiter: -Dyrcleaning service -Rock climbing wall -Yoga and pilates classes -Laundry service -Catered meals -Acupuncture and meditation classes -Free gym membership

Perks for compagny employees In: -Child care -Morning boot camp -24/7 Onsite gym -Weekly lectures from entrepeneurs -Afternoon yoga/pilates -Beanbag lounge -Chair massages -Running trails

Perks for compagny employees Netflix: -Flex vacation policies -An entire paid year off for new parents

It's better to have a car, because the Silicon Valley is a very big city so as not be late.

To work at Silicon Valley:-Make new contact -Get better stuff -Make your workplace confy -Get a great team

If you want to work at Silicon Valley, live there is more practical!

Here is the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the world. If you have time don't hesitate to go see it!

Welcome to Silicon Valley! The SIlicon Valley is located in California precisely in the South of San-Fransisco bay area. You can see the biggest compagnies there! And beautiful place.