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diseccion of the heart

victor orejana3d

2. Identifying the parts of the heart: The heart is made up of four main chambers: the atria and the ventricles. In addition, the valves that separate the chambers and major arteries leading out of the heart must be identified.


1st STEP

1. Preparation of the material: It is important to have a fresh and clean pork heart. A shark knife, kitchen scissors, and protective gloves should be on hand.

2nd STEP

4. Removal of the internal parts: Once the cut is made, the pericardium, which is the membrane that covers the heart, must be removed. The internal parts of the heart, such as the valves and arteries, must then be removed.


3st STEP

3. Cutting the heart: To begin dissecting the heart, a longitudinal cut must be made along the length of the heart with the knife. This cut should be smooth and precise to avoid damaging the chambers and arteries..

4nd STEP

5st STEP

5. Observation of the parts: Finally, the parts of the heart can be observed in detail. The shape and size of the chambers, valves, and arteries may be examined. The texture and coloration of the fabrics can also be observed.


parts of the heart