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how U.D. LAS PALMAS makes money


6.Naming rights




Some of Las Palmas' sponsors are: Hummel, Caixabank, Wolkswagen, Disa and DIOC. With them the team earns like 20 millions euros per annum.

As merchandise they sell all their equipements and also things like backpacks and cards. They earn like 10 millions euros with it.

Its stadium has a capacity of 32,000 and sells tickets for 12 euros. In the highest-grossing matches, up to 384,000 euros can be raised.

With the naming rights Las Palmas earns 6 millions euros

Las Palmas earns 1 million euros per endosement.

By TV rights they aern 43 million euros per season. Movistar and DAZN have their TV rights


Manuel Acevedo, Antonio Borrero y Fernando Aragón