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Dr Brainy's mission!

Hello!I am doctor Brainy and I need your help!I'm studying the human body, and I created the Microexplorer!A small submarine that can navegate through a human body!But I'm very old. Can you drive the submarine and explore a human body for me?I will be guiding you!

This is the submarine. Click on the cabin so you can start the expedition!


Very good. We will get in the human body by the mouth. When you are ready, click on the submarine. Good luck explorer!


We are at the pharynx. A tube with two passages. We will first explore de digestive system. Which way should we take?


Now we should be at the Oesophagus. Look at all this food the human is eating... Continue the expedition with the submarine, but take all the information you can about the oesophagus!


We are in the stomach! Here the food is mixed with gastric juices. Look all this cholesterol! Destroy it by clicking it! Later investigate a little more!


Our body produces cholesterol. If we don't eat healthy, we could produce too much cholesterol and accumulate it in the blood. This could affect the circulation of our blood. We have to make sure there's no more cholesterol. Let's continue...

Small intestine

That's incredible! We are at the small intestine. It can be 7 meters long! I don't see cholesterol here. We should investigate, and later get to the circulatory system to make sure there's not cholesterol in the blood.

To be continued...