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by Julia, Carmen and Amanda.

Alcatraz prision



3.the escape

2.the prisioners

1.the jail

  • Island of Alcatraz
  • San Francisco,California (United States America)
  • the main prision buildin was build between 1910-1912, that in that times was a jail for corrupt militars of the united states army
  • on October 12 of 1933 it became a prision for criminals


  • Alcatraz was designed to hold prsioners that were constanly cousing problems in other federal prisions, basically a "prision of last resort" to hold the worts of the worst criminals who had no hope of rehabilitation.
  • It housed about 250 most ruthless criminals.
  • A total of 36 prisioners who made about 14 escapes attempts during the 29 years of the prision's existence

What was it created for?

  • The prision buildings were modernized in such a way to achive a hight level of segurity, apart from its location wich implied an island surrounded by very cold waters and strong currents.
  • The prision operators believed that Alcatraz was the strongest and most difficult prision to scape from in America.


  • birth: 1st of september 1926 Wachington D.C
  • He become an orphan at the age of 11 and because of that he spend the rest of his childhood in foster homes, committing crimes and being arrested for charges of trafficking and armed robbery.
  • When he become an aduld he was transferred to diferent prisions.
  • Acording to studies revealed, Morris had a higher intelligence than the rest of the people, with an iq133

Frank Morris

John Anglin en la Prisión de Alcatraz en 1960

Clarence Anglin en la Prisión de Alcatraz en 1961



John and Clarence Anglin are two fourteen-year-old brothers. They started stealing in the 50s and were arrested many times and put in jail, but they managed to escape every time.In the end they were arrested for an armed robbery and they decided to take them to Alcatraz so that they would not escape again.But they became wanted and famous for achieving the impossible, escaping from there. Since June 11, 1962, they have been missing and are being searched and captured.

JUsing spoons, nail clippers and a drill made from a vacuum cleaner, they began digging from their cells. From there they made a tunnel to a service corridor, and then passed through the pipes until they reached the roof.They then made fake heads with real hair from scraps from the prison hair salon, and placed them on their beds to give the impression that they were there. Added to this was the construction of a handmade raft made with more than 50 raincoats that were sewn and sealed with the steam from the pipes.




After inflating the canister with an accordion, they began their escape from a toilet hallway, where they climbed the back wall of the cell block. From there, through a large ventilation shaft they reached the roof of the building.They then slid down an outside pipe 15 meters to the ground. Then they cut the perimeter fence and descended to the water's edge.After this, it is believed that they completed their escape by crossing the San Francisco Bay in their rustically built boat.

All these details were later known thanks to Allen West, an inmate who actively participated in the escape operation, but who could not leave his cell in time to join the others.The escaped prisoners from Alcatraz were never found.

·What do family members know? -David Widner, a nephew of the Anglin brothers, told CBS that his grandmother received flowers with cards signed by John and Clarence for several years after the escape. -The letters were not evaluated by any authority to corroborate their authenticity. David Wildern said "The truth is, I haven't come to a conclusion as to whether I think it's John writing or not."

·The Anglin brothers and Frank Morris are the only men who have escaped and their remains have never been found.

·At the time, authorities said there was no way the three fugitives could have survived in the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay, although today professional swimmers swim across them without a problem.

4. Theories

·The nephew of the escaped brothers, Ken Wildner, says they are alive and living in Brazil. Although he does not provide evidence, he says that they sent him a photograph of the two of them and when his grandfather died, a vase of flowers and a letter appeared.

·It was always rumored that the Anglins and Morrises were helped by gangsters Mickey Cohen and 'Whitey' Bulger, who organized a boat to pick them up from the bay. Years later, a drug dealer named Fred Brizzi, now dead, claimed that he had taken the fugitives to Mexico shortly after their escape.

·Widner also said that her grandmother told her that they went to see her shortly after the escape to let her know that they were okay but that they couldn't stay because the FBI was watching the house.

In 2013, a police station in California received a letter supposedly written by Jhon Anglin that said that if they announced on television that they promised that he would only spend a year in jail and that they would give him medical attention, he would write back to tell them where he was. In addition, he said that he was 83 years old, that he was in bad shape and that he had cancer.

For Marie, the sister of two of the escapees, there are several more clues that indicate that they are alive: the first was a mysterious phone call to a woman in San Francisco shortly after the escape. "This is John Anglin," said the voice. The second clue was a Christmas card that appeared in the family's mailbox in the winter of 1962. On the card was written: "To Mother, from John. Merry Christmas." They also received flowers without cards for their mother for several years.

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