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RObert s.langer

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Millennium Technology winner

Robert s. Langer

At his school, he excelled in math and science, and his family encouraged him to study engineering in college. He fell in love with chemistry in his first year of university, deciding to specialize in it.

Robert Samuel Langer, Jr. was born and raised in Albany, New York. When he was a child, Robert liked magic tricks, and when he was given a Gilbert chemistry set at age 11, he loved mixing colors and watching chemical reactions. He soon began making rubber and synthesizing simple plastics.

Birth of his love for chemistry:

While in Folkman's laboratory, Langer was searching for polymers that would allow the gradual, programmed release of drugs within the body, although it was not until 28 years later that the first anti-cancer drug based on his work was approved.

When he was doing his doctorate in the US there was a fuel shortage and a great demand for chemical engineers. But Robert did not want to dedicate himself to it and a friend of his recommended that he contact Dr. Judah Folkman who was willing to employ postdoctoral fellows without conventional medical or biological training in his cancer research.

Birth of his love for chemistry:



THE Life of his work:


FDA approved the use of Langer's controlled drug release system for the treatment of brain cancer


founded a second company to produce biocompatible materials for tissue growth


He create his own company. The company produced and launched a microsphere drug delivery system.


He got patents for his work.


Robert S. Langer wins the Millennium Technology Award for the Invention of a Biomaterial for Tissue Regeneration.



Dr. Francis S. Collins presents the Golden Plate Award to Dr. Robert S.


President Barack Obama presents the National Medal of Technology and Innovation to Dr. Robert Langer


President George W. Bush presents the National Medal of Science to Dr. Robert S. Langer


The Engineering QEPrize, at the Royal Academy of Engineering, London.


The BBVA was awarded to Robert Langer, Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman “for their contributions to messenger RNA therapy and delivery technology that allow our own cells to produce proteins for protection and treatment of diseases.”

Queen Elizabeth II presented Robert Langer with the £1 million Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, for his groundbreaking innovation and benefit to humanity and his leadership “at the interface of chemistry and medicine.”




Kyoto Prize,Japan's highest private award for global achievement

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