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Who madea difference

Greta Pasin 3A


Was she arrested?When?Why?
His awards
What did he do?Why?
Who did I choose? Why?





Her life


What did he do?


The consequences

2. Introduction

Among the people who made differences in the period of segregation in America I dropped Rosa Parks.

I chose Rosa Parks because in my opinion she was a very courageous person, in fact she despite knowing the consequences she was facing did this both for her and for the nation.

2. Her life

Her life

rosa parks has become a true symbol of the civil movements in america, she in fact received, at the age of 86, a gold medal from the usa congress that was presented to her directly by the president, bill clinton. she is also well known for her motto: You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.

3. What did he do?

What did he do?

Rosa parks on December 1, 1955, on her way home from work sat in a bus on one of the white people's seats. When a white man entered she did not leave the seat, although he got off the driver asked him to move telling him he would call the police. She says she did not leave the man's seat not so much because she was physically tired but because she was tired of being subdued.

4. The consequences

The consequences

Rosa parks is arrested on charges of "improper conduct" although a few hours later she is freed thanks to Clifford durr who,bailed him out because he had always been committed to the civil rights struggle.

'"They always say that I didn't give up my job because I was tired, but that's not true. I wasn't tired physically, no more than I usually was at the end of a workday. No, the only thing I was tired of was suffering."

- Rosa Parks