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A presentation by:Matteo Aiello

How to treat the natural environment

04. How supermarkets can reduce food waste

03. How supermarkets can reduce packaging

02. The impact of the plastic bags on the environment

01. Why is important for big companies to protect the environment


The big companies have a responsability to protect the environment both for ethical and moral reasons, but also for economic reasons. In fact, by protecting the environment they have the possibility of reducing production costs, increasing their efficiency and improing their reputation. To achieve this, each company mst start thinking about its profits, balancing them with the use of renewable energythat does not lead to waste of resources. Think about your workers, rewarding them based on their work to encourage them and finnally think about the good for the environment so as to preserve it.

Big companies and the environment

The impact of our actions and our needs on the environment is disastrous, so to avoid damaging the environment around us and with it the life of animals, plans and us humans, we must think of ways in wich large companies can be the first to reduce the environmental impact.


The impact of plastic bags


The major impact of plastic bags on the environment is that it takes many years for them to decompose. Bags are not easy to dispose of because they realese harmful substances. They can't be neither burned because they would release toxic substances into the air. So the only solution is to put them into landfills that occupy tons of hectares. Bags aren't dangerous only for human but also for animal healt: if plastic bags are not properly disposed of, animals may get tangled and drawn in plastic bags or confuse them for food and consume them

How to reduce packaging

Did you know that every year in Italy are used more than 64,1 million cubic meters of packaging materials?We think you can reduce food packaging by selling zero kilometres products: food produced whitin a maximum radius of 70 kilometres from the place of sale or consumption. This type of aliments don't involve large packaging because they shouldn't be imported from distant places. Secondly, Zero kilometres products are environment frendly in another way, because they reduce fuel consumption by taking shorter transports, thanks to wich they are preserved better and are in better freshness conditions than other types of foods.Another way to reduce the packaging is using recycable and solid packaging materials: in this way you also reduce the costs of your supermarket expences.Anop


In conclusion, did you know that italian supermarkets waste from 25 to 39 thousands tons of food every year? and this figure can increase up to 40% if we also consider devaluated foods. so, how can supermarkets reduce food waste? we believe that supermarkets can reduce food waste by donate everyday the remaining food to homeless and poor people or associations with the same scope.In this way we can save food and also provide a meal for many people, then they can apply a discount for the old products that are about to expire so costumers will be more inclined to buy them and in the end, markets can also reduce the quantity of the least purchased items so they don’t have to waste them.Anop

How to reduce food waste