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Titolo 2

Rosa parks was born in Montgomery in Alabama in 1913.Her parents separated when she was a child. She went to live on her grandparents' farm with her mother and younger brother where she attended church and school.


Titolo 2

As a child, Rosa experienced a lot of racism and saw how black and white people were separated by law.She attended a secondary school for black children. They all had to walk to school, while the white children attended their own school and were provided with a bus to get there.


At bus stops at this time, there had to be two lines of people: one for black people and one for white people.On December 1st 1955, after a long day at work, Rosa boarded the bus home and sat in the first row of seats intended for black people.By the time the bus reached its third stop, all the "white only" seats were full. Rosa and three other black people were sitting in the front row of the black section of the bus.So, the white bus driver stepped back into the bus to tell the Rosa and the three other black people to move back to give their seats to the white people.


After being asked to move by the white bus driver, the other three black people moved further back in the bus to give the white people their seats. However, Rosa moved to the side and not back.The driver told Rosa that if she did not move back, then he would call the police. She told the driver to do just that, so he did and she was arrested

Personal motivation

For this presentation I choose Rosa Parks because in my opinion she was a great woman because she fought for the rights of all African American citizens.