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Sunrise Stroll Challange

2.Day 1

3.Day 2

4.Day 3

5.Day 4

6.Day 5

8.Day 7

7.Day 6


I gave this book 4 stars because I liked the characters but I prefer a happier plot.

This challange consist of wake up early and welcome the day with a sunrise walk and observe the changing colors of the sky and notice any ealry morning wildlife animal for 7 days. Each day I did a different activity and always took pictures at sunrise.

During these few days doing this challenge, the most difficult part to me was having to wake up earlier to see the sunrise, although, it was totally worth it. Doing this challenge had me reflecting about the world that surrounds me, and noticing the perfection of the small details of nature that, on a regular day, I wouldn’t notice due to the rush of everyday life. I also learned the reason why the sky’s colors change when the sun rises and why it is blue during the day. Furthermore, starting the day with a walk and being in contact with nature in the morning gave me a feeling of lightness and freedom, that contributed to a better mood during the day. In conclusion, I think this experience was really positive because I started giving more value to nature and I started noticing some details in life that I wasn’t noticing before because of the rush of everyday life. I really enjoyed this challenge.


On the first day I looked for a scientific explanation to understand the changing colors of the sky: The sky appears blue due to Rayleigh scattering, an optical phenomenon where air molecules in the atmosphere scatter blue light from sunlight more than other colors because air molecules are more effective at scattering shorter wavelengths of light. During sunrise and sunset, sunlight travels a greater distance from the atmosphere, scattering more blue light and turning the sky reddish or orangish hues.

Day 1

On the second day I woke up earlier than usual to go for a hike and watch the sunrise.

Day 2

On the last day I decided to shoot a time-lapse video that shows the full sunrise, the color changes until the sun actually rises.

Day 7

I the glow of sunrise,I feel so freeIt looks like a golden treeIn the rays I find my piece,In the gentle breeze, my worries cease

Day 6

On the sixth day I tried to be inspired by the different colors of the sky and wrote a poem:

Day 5

On the fifth day I drew a street that I found beautiful while I was waiting for the sunrise.

On the fourth day I observed some kind of morning animal life, in this case I only saw chickens.

Day 4

On the third day, instead of walking, I ran to make things harder.

Day 3