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Made by Myriam

Differences between before and now

Before, there were not so many buildings but there were buildings that are not there now, there was no road, there were fewer cars and more countryside. Now, there are more buildings, some of them have solar panels, more cars, roads and less countryside.

San Buenaventura school

Título 2

North train station

Before it had a porch, it had a stone road around it and on the other side there was a line with trees. Now, it has street lights, pots with mini palm trees, benches, places to leave the bikes and the entire floor is made of stone.

Before they had a helmet, their uniform was a dark color with bands and an insignia. Now they have a cap, their uniform have a vest so they can be seen, with reflective stripes and a badge.

Traffic Policeman

N-V Road

Before, fewer cars passed by, a tram passed too, to the right there were many trees, the houses were different and there were people walking very close to the road. Now, there are many cars, there are not so many trees to the right, there are no people walking near the road. Beside the road, there are traffic signs, there are streetlights near the road and it is bigger.

Port of Navacerrada

Before, people wore less clothing, not everyone went skiing and there was less snow. Now people dress very warmly, the majority who go up there go to ski. Before, there were people who didn't wear helmets to ski. Now all of them wear it.

Theme park of Madrid

Before, people had to buy several tickets at a booth to ride each atracction. Now you only have to buy one ticket and you can ride all the atractions with it. Before, three people fit in each attraction, now, only two. Before people didn't wear T-shirts. Now most of them wear them.

Puerta del sol square

Before there was a road on which many cars passed by with roundabouts and fountains. Now there are no roads and people are all over the square but instead of roundabouts there is a fountain with a statue in the middle.


Before, the car was smaller, it had a wooden ladder, the car was convertible and the firefighters wore military uniforms, including their helmets. Now the truck is bigger, everything is made of metal and plastic, and all the tools are in it, the firefighters are much more equipped with portable oxygen cylinders and harder helmets.