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The three little pigs in the Wild West


Pigsville , Texas, Wild West

Once upon a time ......in Pigsville , Texas, Wild West

The Bacon brothers

Dim Bacon: 1st

Slim Bacon: 2nd (the gambler)

Sheriff Jim Bacon: 3rd

A new "wanted" poster

Big Bad Willie Wolf

Sally Anne Swine

The pigs in the show

My piggy's hips and my piggy legs are made for dancingMy piggy lips and my piggy arms are made for romancingI'm a piggy from my nose down to my toesOink Oink Oink

Sally Anne


Oh my darling, oh my darlingOh my darling ClementineHow I love that little piggyOh my darling Clementine

Jim Bacon sheriff Clementine

An invitation to the The square dance

The rendez-vous

But Sally Anne....

But Big Bad Willie Wolf....

Does the Wolf eat Clémentine?Does the sheriff kill the wolf?Does the sheriff save Clementine ?