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How our love became the best one?



The first contact was incredible, our match became so easy to manage, and all of the sudden we were made to be together..

When I first met you...

You can't imagine how greatful and how much happiness you can bring to a person's life. When we were besties I was so glad I met somebody who I was able to express myself and feel comfortable around.

AS a Bestfriend

The feeling you have when you are doing things right and slowly, that's how we started, building up our relationship full of respect, love, comprehension, support and exitement.

as lovers...

As I said, this is the best relationship!

Nowdays, we share lifes 24/7, from early morning until late afternoon. Being for each other anytime we need.

Sharing our best times and worst ones, having fun, talking, playing, watching movies.

We will get our families together, sharing family time, having lunch and praying to get it bigger and bigger.

one day sooner..

Don't never forget how much I love you...

You became the most important person in my life, I want to spend the rest of it by yourside. God and Allah bless our relationship!

Thank you for being in my life!