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Digital communication

The rule of X in our society.


Digital Communication

X and its characteristics

How X has changed overtime

Comparison between X and Threads

What is Digital Communication?

Digital Communication is the process of sharing information, messages, and ideas using digital technologies and platforms. It involves the data exchanges through electronic devices and networks. Digital communication allows real-time interaction, instant messaging, video conferencing and sharing multimedia content over great distances.

Transparency within the organisation

Universally acceptable

How digital communication has improvedour society

The potential of Digital Communication was highlighted during the pandemic period. Companies without a digital communication strategy failed to survive during that period. Video conferences have become the communication channel, emails have become the new normal way of transmitting messages.Digital communication is also important for various other reasons which are listed next:

Better employee involvement

Comfortable and convenient experience

Save time, energy and money

What is X?

X was created by Jack Dorsey on March 21 in 2006. Nowadays, it has more than 300 million users. On X you can start following other people and you can like, comment or repost other people contents. People use this app to get the latest updates and promotions from brands, to communicate with friends and follow celebrities. They also use it to stay current on news and events. Tweets can be sent to followers in real time. X understands what is trending based on alghoritm and it also determines what is popular in a specific period of time. On X you can post jokes, news or thoughts but you have a restricition on length, Your message can contain a maximum of 280 characters, which also includes spaces and punctuation. Users can also send links and messages to each other thanks to direct messaging.

There is also a bigger risk, in fact you can be banned by some hackers, In fact, Twitter was hacked in July 2020 and the scam included posts of hacked accounts that asked people to donate bitcoin with the promise that twitter would have doubled the money for a charitable donation. They scammed people and earned almost $100.000 and they also posted lots of fake news on celebrities.

You can find fake news and a lot of disinformation, and it’s really difficult for X to stop that. The users have to report these tweets and X will suspend the account that posted fake news.

Obviously, like on other apps, there are some risks on X

The risks

Elon Musk decided to rename Twitter to X, because the name Twitter made sense when only 140-character messages used to fly back and forth like birds chirping, but now you can post almost anything. But now the name Twitter means nothing in this context.

Businessman Elon Musk initiated an acquisition of American social media company Twitter on April 14, 2022, and concluded it on October 27, 2022.

How Twitter became X

Elon Musk just launched X's latest feature: the ability to make audio and video calls on the platform

X has temporarily limited the number of tweets you can read per day. For a short period of time, verified accounts were able to read about 6,000 posts per day, while unverified accounts were only able to read 600 posts per day.

Musk changed the Twitter logo from a bird to the new name "X".

New updates of X




Threads is the new app from Meta advertised as "Twitter Killer". It's a lot like Twitter, you can post photos and videos up to five minutes long. Users can reply to and repost posts from other people's threads. And the app offers the ability to share posts from threads directly to Instagram Stories.

What is Threads?

Threads is only available as a mobile app

The Threads layout is analogous to an Instagram feed

You can use X on a desktop computer or in a mobile app

Threads is tightly integrated into Instagram

X is a standalone app

X has a strong presence of hashtags

Threads doesn't have direct messagging

X has direct messaging

On Threads you have a limit of 500 characters per post.

On X you have a limit of 280 characters.

Threads is more oriented towards social networks.

With X, you should share your studies and passions and keep up to date with current events.


Between X and Threads


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