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People who made a different : Rosa Parks

By Beatrice Maria Palillo 3Ez

People who made a differnce :Rosa Parks

By Beatrice Maria Palillo 3Ez

She was an African American woman from Alabama, who in 1955 refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger. For this "crime" she was arrested sparked a national outcry. This protest led to the Montgomery bus boycott. The boycott caused the bus system to lose a lot of money. After nearly a year of boycott, the federal government order the desegregation of the bus system.

Who was Rosa Parks...

I chose Rosa Parks because I was amazed by her courage to oppose the law that existed at that time.

In my opinion Rosa Parks did the right thing by opposing giving up her place to the white man because if she hadn't done so, probably without this act other people would not have found the strength to also oppose the laws of that time.