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Per approfondire le diverse parti dell'apparato digerente passa il mouse sui tasti +.

Apparato digerente

Microvelli Make it interactive and knock their socks off! How? Add interactive elements from the left menu and drag them onto the canvas. Edit them however you like and capture the attention of your audience!

Plasmatic Membrane Do you want clear and fun contet? Then interactivity will be your bestie. Click an element and then on the Interactivity icon above it: Tooltip, Window, Reveal, Link, Go to page, Audio, Full-screen, Interactive questions... You choose!

Mitochondria Information that captivates? Right this way! Capture your audience's attention with videos, images, PDFs, etc. You can add everything you need from the Insert menu or in interactive layers.

Ribosomes Remember to add animation! Capture your audience's attention with your content and choose the ideal effect by selecting the element and clicking on the Animation icon, which appears just above it.

Lysosomes Still feel like your text is missing something? Add animation to reel in your audience.

Nucleus Capture your audience's attention with an interactive photo or illustration.

Channels/pores Your content is good, but it‘ll engage much more if it’s interactive.

Golgi Apparatus Write an awesome text by clicking on Text in the left sidebar. Note: The fonts, size, and color should be appropriate for the topic at hand.

Stomaco You can use any photo, gif, or illustration you like to mix in some multimedia content.