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Javier Albea Ruiz Nº1 2ºESO A


5. Waste management

4. Closet Organization

3. Organize the Kitchen

2. Laundry

1. General cleaning


hello my name is Javi and im going to talk about households tasks

1 general cleaning

General home cleaning involves occupying all areas of the house completely. This process is carried out on a regular basis with the goal of maintaining a clean, organized and healthy environment for everyone living in the home.

Washing clothes is not just about keeping them clean, it also has a major effect on how we feel, how long our clothes last, and other important aspects of daily life at home.

2 Laundry

Organizing the kitchen not only means keeping it clean, but it also brings good things for your health and makes life at home easier and better.

3 Organize the Kitchen

Organizing closets at home involves organizing the storage spaces so that they are clean and it is easy to find what you need. This includes sorting clothes, using containers for small items, and making the most of available space.

4 Closet Organization

Separate and properly dispose of garbage and recycle. Maintaining waste management is crucial to maintaining a clean and sustainable environment.

5 waste management