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my 10 new resolutions of the year

1. I will try to take more shower

2. Will try mog the class

3. I will try to kidnap fewer children

4. I will try to have less suspicious relationship with my friends

5. I will try to victimize the people in my class less

6. I will try to be more kawai than before

7. I will try to stalk even more

8. I will try to be less physically attracted to my classmates

9. I will try to kidnap as many children as possible

10. I will try to pass unreal on fortnite

Stay Kawai

In conclusion I will try to keep my resolutions as long as possible

On peut sortir singe de la foret mais on ne peut pas sortir foret de la singe


Secondary resolutions or goals

  • Pass my NNN
  • Beat Nilia in a fight
  • Become the best version of myself
  • Win the championship
  • Have a green point

- IbraTv

thank you for listening to me

The End !

Kaan mon bb damour